Top 5 Fitness Tips by Founder Jon Katz

From Founder Jon Katz

1. REMAIN CONSISTENT. the gym will pay off when you first start off, but those who stick with it long term will see their whole lifestyle change!

2. DON'T LET YOUR DIET CONSUME YOU! I've fallen victim to bringing my Tupperware everyone and sacrificing time with friends because I didn't want to go out and eat bad food! stick to your diet most definitely but allow yourself some room for a food at a restaurant

3. GET A PROFESSIONAL to help you! If you are just starting out i highly recommend you get a coach or certified personal trainer to help you with diet and exercises. This is a learning process and having a coach or personal trainer will help you attain your goals faster.

4. STOP COMPARING. this is a process and while you may see a huge bodybuilder or someone who you think is unattainable you must remember they have been doing this a long time and put in a lot of effort into it. move a slow pace at first getting acclimated to this new lifestyle and learn as much as you can. 

5. PROPER RECOVERY HABITS. you need to rest and after a workout we recommend having a scoop of protein in a BLENDi right after the gym in order for your muscles to recover faster. We also recommend you get those good 8 hours of sleep as they are instrumental in the muscle repair process. 

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