Longevity Matters

When you start working out,

You will be putting in 110%.

But you will get burnt out.

You have your whole life to work out. While it might be easy to get in that 110% mindset, and hitting your goals now. You must remember it’s a marathon, not a race.

Getting in shape can sometimes be difficult but you must understand it will take time. When you set out to join a gym or get in shape, you should commit to a span of at least 3 months.

You must have a plan. Schedule in rest days for your body to recover.
Unfortunately, our bodies cannot keep up with that 110% effort. In fact, working out every day can hinder your progress. You must pace yourself and understand this is a long-term thing, not a one-month thing.  If you keep up that pace where you’re working out every day and putting all your effort In, you will eventually get burned out.


Remember that Longevity Matters! Whether it be in daily life with tasks, at your job, or especially in your physical fitness. Pace yourself, have a plan, take breaks, and execute. In doing so, you will be able to endure the marathon and prevent burning out.


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