BLENDi is your hand held portable blender. Bring it anywhere on the go with you


Portable Blending STARTS NOW


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BLENDi Features

- Portable Battery Powered Blender

- 3D Stainless Steel Blade

- Power to Crush Ice

- Modern Design

- Can convert to water bottle


Hear from Our Customers! 



"Bring with you to the gym, work, anywhere. No pressure to drink it fast before the powder collects because you can blend this lil baby anywhere!"



"I’m obsessed with my BLENDi. I take it everywhere!! But it was a total game changer for me as I recovered recently from a double mastectomy. Whether I was on bed rest or en route to a follow up appointment, my BLENDi was right next to me. It kept me on track with my diet and nutrition when a lot of things were out of my control."



"How did you come up with this lol, I never have to use a blender ever again. Its easy to clean and VERY convenient. I'm losing weight with a diet plan set up around using BLENDi. Keep making lives more convenient!"



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